Growth Mindset v. Fixed Mindset

What a rewarding day!

Did a two-day lesson on growth mindset, which I took from Sarah Hagan. We discussed what it meant and how fixed mindsets hinder us. We talked about common put-downs that we hear from ourselves or other students and how we could change those phrases*. We also did a self-assessment* to see how each of us think. We also watched Angela Duckworth’s video on grit** and discussed grit as an acronym* to help us stay “grittier”. The last task of the day was to write down some new personal goals for the upcoming year.


Perfect lesson!

Hmmm, I might just have a teacher workshop on my hands!

*Once again, all of these links are sourced from the ever-lovely Sarah Hagan of Math Equals Love.

**One girl felt so inspired she clapped at the end. She would have stood up, but one leg was in a cast …