Using Desmos Activities: Waterline, Polygraph and Marbleslides

Earlier this week, the Grade 10s tried the Waterline on Desmos*. Yesterday, the Grade 11s had an amazing time with Polygraph, which is a “Guess Who” game; students have to figure out which linear function another student choose by asking questions and eliminating incorrect choices. They really got it and had great fun being paired up with other kids around the computer lab.

Currently out of town in Rouyn-Noranda, Quebec and enjoying the Canadian Thanksgiving weekend in the city. I decide to take an hour at the hotel to explore Marbleslides. In his game, you have to adjust the slope and y-intercept to collect the stars (i.e. gamifying linear functions). It’s actually been pretty fun!

I’m super excited to try this next week!


*This game involves plotting time versus height for a vase being filled with water. You can vary the shape of the glass.