Board Game Fun!

On Thursday, I managed to give out math tests for both the Grade 10s and Grade 11s. That felt pretty good, considering we are only 4 days away until the Christmas holidays and many teachers have stopped teaching new material at this point. I was happy this week was still fairly productive, despite the absences increasing in number.

Since the Grade 11s won the Oopsie Points challenge*, I bought a couple of frozen Delissio pizzas and we rented the kitchen for a period.

I brought Blokus with me and they learned how to play it. The game is for 4 players and you have to fit as many as your 21 tiles into the board. Each person takes their turn and can place a piece down, as long it touches pieces of their own colour, corner-to-corner. You cannot have two pieces of your own colour with two sides flush to each other.

Pretty simple to play and it’s a classic game that even my mother and 97-grandmother play with each other! It’s great for spatial reasoning, so it’s not a surprise that my two strongest math students really started picking up the strategy and knocking everyone out! They were really into and I was pretty happy I tricked them into doing math even during their down time … ha!

We had a great time overall!

*I started the Oopsie Points challenge two years ago. I wanted students to challenge me if they spotted errors because students should feel comfortable challenging people of authority and not be complicit in whatever is being said. I found that prior to this challenge, a lot of my students would not be willing to point out even the simplest of addition errors. 


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