Giving Compliments

As term 1 is coming to a close, I am doing a last run to collect assignments and tests. Some students are completely caught, while I’m tutoring others and trying to get as many papers as I can. I wanted to give my hard working students a break, so I printed out a stack of these growth mindset banners* off for them to colour and decorate.

I noticed two students sitting beside each other working quietly yesterday afternoon. One boy, S., pointed at the poster and said to the girl, T., who was colouring it, “That’s you.” She smiled in response. It was apt; I have been teaching T. since she was in Grade 7 and while she is a very quiet and tiny person, she has a good head on her shoulders, is tenacious and always driven to learn.

It was just so sweet! What a beautiful moment I just happened to catch!


*The print-outs come from Kate Conners of TeachersPayTeachers. You can buy her resources online.


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