Circuit Drawings and Squishy Circuits

The end of the year is coming up very quickly. Exams are just around the corner for my Grade 10s and 11s! I can’t believe that my third year of teaching up north is already coming to an end.

In science, we are wrapping up our course with the electricity unit. I know I was initially intimidated when I started teaching this course 4 years ago. I never learned much about electricity as a high school student in Ontario; only when I started teaching it did I realize how easy and fun it was!

For a third year in a row, I got up early one morning, cooked up a giant batch of conductive dough, dug up my secret stash of AA batteries and introduced “squishy circuits” to my students. It’s such a fun activity to break the ice with. I’ve put out circuits in the past and have actually had students refuse to touch the equipment. However, conductive dough is colourful*, easy to handle and non-intimidating, which is perfect if you are having issues engaging students**.

Here a few photos of the circuits that they made:



After they got some “sandbox time”, we reviewed schematic diagrams today. They also got the chance to study the electrical symbols through a set of digital flash cards on Quizlet.

This morning, while I was reviewing series and parallel circuits, I got a bit carried away with my Smartboard drawing …


Altogether, it’s been a great week so far!! I’ll be sad when my students graduate!

*I spice it up with some food colouring.

**I struggle with lack of engagement in science with my female population.


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