This week was the third time that my students participated in the #HourOfCode!

Haven’t heard of it?

This international event runs for a week in the second week of December and is endorsed by Obama, Bill Gates and lots of educators. The program believes that every student in the world should be given an opportunity to learn computer science, even if a course is not offered in the school*.

Considering that we rely on our electronics and gadgets to help us in our every day lives, doesn’t it make sense to give our future generation a chance to be part of that future?



The first two years, I ran the event solo for all the students I taught. This year, I managed to get two teachers – new to our school board – to join in! It’s great when you have some coworkers join in and their kids enjoy it too! Here are some photos from the last couple of days:

*I am thankful I got to take a full-year course on programming in high school. We learned mostly Turbo Pascal, and even though it isn’t used much more than as training code, it was great fun! 


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