Going Back to Circle Games

In both the Grade 10 and Grade 11 classes, we’ve been working pretty hard!

Since we are coming to the end of our third science unit – the periodic table and the atom – I decided to do a a circle game with our whiteboards for quick review. I didn’t realize it’s been at least three weeks we’d gone without a little powwow, because the students were so excited and cheered when I told them about my plan!


I threw up a periodic table onto the Smartboard. We then practiced, as a group, on how to draw the Bohr* diagram, Lewis dot diagram and how to draw ions. The students who had remembered last week’s lesson was quick to refer to the group number for their “Lazy Lewis” diagrams, while the ones who didn’t remember were given an opportunity, in a supportive setting, to relearn the concept.

We worked on approximately 3-4 examples before I asked to collect a mark. I assigned students a variety of elements and they had to hand in their whiteboard as an “exit ticket”. I knew that whiteboards erase pretty quickly (and are also hard to carry around for marking) so I snapped pics of all the boards, making sure that they had written their name.

Overall, a pretty success lesson!


*Oh drat! I forgot Niel Boh’rs birthday on October 7th!


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