Getting Students Caught Up: Tech Solutions

A few students missed yesterday’s class, when we were filling out our Frayer models on relations and functions. Defining important math vocabulary is pretty important, so I wanted to make sure that they had their notes completed.

Now, when there is a lot going on in the classroom, trying to handle kids at different stages of a process can be tough. I used to run back and forth, giving two sets of instructions, but it got very tiring. It also doesn’t help that they become very dependent on your verbal instructions either! When I’m not there to tell them the next step, sometimes my students will sit there, start checking their cellphones or just waste time.

So I thought about it: how I could get them to work independently while I helped others?

Here was my solution: Edmodo.

This morning, I typed in the instructions and tagged a private post for those specifically to those who needed to get caught up. The only instruction that I gave was, “Log into Edmodo and bring your notebook” and then they’d follow the rest of the instructions on the site:

Screen Shot 2015-09-29 at 1.24.55 PM

It worked marvellously! The students got all their work done – there were three of them – and they were focused and quiet. They were able to fill out their Frayer models on relations and functions while I walked around and help others on another task.

I also ask students to write a comment and confirm that they completed the task. When I log into Edmodo later in the day, I see a notification at the top of the page – set up similarly to Facebook – and I know that that’s one more thing crossed off the list!

How do you get kids caught up? Have you used Edmodo in a similar manner?


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