End of the Honeymoon

It’s been 6 weeks into the school year. The honeymoon season is over and some of the cracks are starting to show.

Some of my students have fallen into the habit of skipping my last period, others have locked themselves out of Class Messenger and won’t reset their passwords and I’ve had to call parents of a few kids who are abusing the privilege of using their electronic devices during class time.

But this is completely normal. Your plans are never perfect despite all the preparations you make. Life in the classroom goes on.

Overall, things are great. Some of my newer students from outside the community have started making friends and are integrating well. Class Messenger is still a successful tool; when I send out a reminder of the upcoming day at 8:30 am, a few will reply if they know they’re coming late. And despite some issues with cellphones, encouraging kids to bring their cellphones and iPods means that there are always headphones available when we need to go on the computer lab and catch up on our math lesson online.

Basic school supplies are always available to us, as long as the stock room is full, without having to dip into our individual class budgets. At any time, I can ask for paper, pencils, erasers, notebooks, markers and chalk. For any teacher working with INBs, you are often surprised to see how quickly the gluesticks run out so it’s important I always have extra boxes in the back cupboard. On top of that, scissors constantly disappear.

We had a professional development day on Friday, so I made sure to stock up on stuff. I got a dozen pair of new scissors, so to make sure everyone knows they belong to my classroom, I use a quick swipe of nail polish.

The rest of Friday was spent writing anecdotal reports by hand, in preparation for the upcoming parent’s night on Thursday, so the afternoon disappeared quite quickly.

Nothing much else to report, other than I have to get rid of a stack of marking on the weekend and make another Test Flashback for my math tests!


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