Digital Lesson Planning

I like my tech toys, so it’s no surprise that I prefer typing out my lesson plans rather than writing them.

Last August, I spent the first couple of weeks testing out several websites, trying to figure out which to use. It’s a tedious process but if you want to find a good tool, you have to take the time to play around and check out all the specs. As I am likely to be teaching the same course for a while, I figured it made sense to find something that allowed me to organize my units and lessons, save them and then upload them again to reuse, rather than writing them out by hand year after year.

The Ontario Teacher’s Federation (OTF) pushes the free, otherwise known as Planboard, but despite bugging the CEO of Chalk, they still have not decided to make the app available offline. This is a major issue when you work in a small town with poor bandwidth. While I love seeing so many cool apps being pumped out of Waterloo, Ontario, I am not impressed considering that I’ve been asking for it and it does not seem to be on their radar at all.

Eventually, I settled on Planbook by Hellmansoft. It is available for both Windows and Mac and costs approximately $30 USD. The iPad version is an additional $6 USD, but is well worth it for me. The mobile version, sadly, is not available offline, but I tether the iPad to my phone for access. Here is a screenshot:

Screen Shot 2015-08-21 at 7.42.44 PMWhile the hefty price tags might turn a lot of people off, it is probably the best educational planning tool I’ve found so far. It proved itself extremely useful when – VOILA! – I found that I was able to transfer all the lesson plans and documents – linked through Dropobx – onto my planbook this year!!!

No need to retype everything!! OMG!!!!

Isn’t technology amazing?!?!?!


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