2015-2016 Classroom Set Up

Spent the past week setting up my classroom. This morning, I was in the class working for another 4 hours, making photocopies and preparing for the upcoming week. It isn’t fully done yet, as I haven’t put up posters yet, but I thought I’d post a few pictures for now.

Below: Used patterned masking tape on the chalkboard. I use the blocks to write announcements or goals for each class. I have four classes this year. I also put up my backwards clock, which drives the kids a bit nuts!

Below: Haven’t fully figured out how to set up my shelves yet, but I have put numbers on all the textbooks.In my first year, I found that many students would not put their books away. Last year, each student will have a specific text assigned to him/her. This system meant that each student felt more responsible for the book and would put it back, rather than leaving them on the desks.

Below: Students in the north do not carry their own supplies. Most of them don’t even have backpacks. Therefore, having a full kit helps us get down to work right away. The number on each calculator and pencil case is the same number as the one on the textbook. I have called these numbers “secret math ninja codes.” 

Below: Math ninjas get thirsty too! A glass jug and hockey-themed plastic cup to quench the thirst. 

Below: Supplies! Gluesticks, scissors, highlighters, rulers, pencil crayons, whiteboards with Cartesian planes … all of these are staples in a hands-on math classroom. The black draws on the side hold geoboards, foam tiles for integers, spinning dials for probability and of course, giant foam dice. I also have a giant reknrek. As I’ve not taught primary grades, I still don’t really know how to use this yet …

Below: The shelf behind the teacher’s desk. I misplace my keys a lot, so I like to have a place to hang them. There is a lot of reading I have to catch up on … I haven’t finished my Jo Boaler book yet!

Below: Taylor Mali is well-known for a speech he gave in 2003 called “What Teachers Make” (YouTube). Watch it if you haven’t already. I love the gamut of emotions this sends through my body. Every. Time. I. Watch. It. Thank you, to my wonderful sister, who gifted this to me a couple of years ago. I didn’t have the chance to frame it when I was in Toronto, but wanted to make sure that this sits behind my desk for daily inspiration.

  More to come in upcoming days!


2 thoughts on “2015-2016 Classroom Set Up

  1. Five Star notebooks! Those are expensive.

    Did you read about how some schools that have banned plastic water bottles have actually increased consumption of sugary drinks?

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